My name is Scott Cadillac. I’m a software developer and I work from my home in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Canada.

For most of my career I have been an independent self-employed contract software developer. At the start of 2017 I became a full-time employee of Ipsos, an International Market Research company, with the title of Senior Developer, MIS, NA, IT., where I continue building custom applications for the internal operation of their business.

My blog postings, comments, content and/or opinions (or code made available by me) are my own – and do not reflect the views, opinions or property rights of the company or individuals that have contracted or employed me in the past, or who currently employs me.


Subsequent to learning some very early versions of HTML and JavaScript out of personal interest, many years ago, I began my professional Web Application programming career in the mid 90’s with Microsoft’s “Classic” ASP server-side scripting environment as well as a proprietary web platform known as Tango, by Everyware Development.

When ASP.NET Beta2 was released by Microsoft in 2000, I took C# to heart and embraced a whole new way of thinking about software development. With the early adoption of Transact-SQL in my skill set, the .NET Framework has allowed me to imagine into existence what I think are some pretty interesting Intranet projects, that can scale in size and need.

Most of my work is found behind corporate firewalls, or occasionally available publicly in the form of code examples or tools to aid other Software Developers.

As a fun exercise, I have more recently taken an interest in learning and applying my Windows-based development knowledge into how it can be expressed on macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.

Prior to my career in Software Development, I worked for many years as a Touring Stage Lighting Technician for Recording Artists.


Scott is primarily an Intranet Web Application developer who utilizes the Microsoft platform. While being able to create a SQL Server database from scratch and leverage C#, JavaScript, CSS & HTML in ASP.NET - building interactive single-page, multi-functional Ajax enabled applications is where he enjoys spending most of his working hours.

The main focus of Scott’s professional efforts is helping people make their jobs easier by creating the software they need and will use.

In addition to spending time with his family, Scott is an avid reader and enjoys wood-working and recycling & restoring his Victorian era home on the southern coast of Nova Scotia.